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DLTK’s Poems The latest Midnight Drive of Paul Revere

DLTK’s Poems The latest Midnight Drive of Paul Revere

Tune in, my family, and you also shall hearOf the fresh new midnight journey from Paul Revere,Toward eighteenth out of April, in Seventy-five;Hardly a man is now aliveWho recalls you to definitely greatest go out and you may 12 months.

He thought to his friend, “If for example the Uk marchBy house or ocean regarding the urban area to help you-nights,Hang a beneficial lantern aloft throughout the belfry archOf the fresh new North Chapel tower since the a laws white,–That, if the by land, as well as 2, in the event that by water;And i to the reverse shore might be, Happy to ride and you can pass on the newest alarmThrough all of the Middlesex village and you can farmFor the world visitors as up and so you can arm,”

He then told you, “Good night!” in accordance with muffled oarSilently rowed into the Charlestown coast,Just as the moon rose over the bay,In which moving wide during the the girl moorings layThe Somerset, British man-of-war; A beneficial phantom vessel, with every mast and sparAcross the moonlight such a jail bar,And you can a giant black hulk, that was magnifiedBy its very own meditation regarding the tide.

At the same time, their friend, as a result of croatia women alley and you will road,Wanders and watches with eager ears,Till in the quiet to your he hearsThe muster of males from the barrack doorway,The fresh sound out-of palms, and also the tramp from legs,Additionally the measured tread of your own grenadiers,Marching right down to its boats on shore.

Thus overnight rode Paul Revere;And so overnight went his shout regarding alarmTo all Middlesex community and you can ranch,–A cry away from defiance rather than off concern,A voice throughout the darkness, a hit in the home,And you can a phrase you to definitely shall reflect forevermore!

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